Oro Valley Gold Gourmet Seasonings


“Classic Chef Series” Designer jar with shaker lids

Grill Buddies 002

“Grill Buddies Series” Plastic jar – Pool/patio friendly

Oro Valley Gold Gourmet Seasonings are hearty blends of herbs and spices handcrafted and created in Oro Valley, Arizona.  These seasonings have been created for Arizonans because we can barbecue year ‘round but perfect for all backyard pros!  After many hours of laboriously measuring, calculating and tasting, we have developed the perfect robust seasonings for every occasion.  Oro Valley Gold Seasonings are wonderfully addictive!

Oro Valley Gold Steak Seasoning is a hearty blend rich in garlic, onion, coarse sea salt, coarse ground black pepper, celery seeds, and paprika.  Best on steaks & hamburgers yet some of our customers use it on popcorn!  A fleet of fishermen off the coast of Oregon swear it is great on salmon.  Our customers are our best source of ideas.  This is our favorite “All-Purpose Seasoning”.

Oro Valley Gold Chicken Seasoning combines all the great seasonings plus lemon and lime zest for the Southwestern flair of citrus.  Perfect for chicken and seafood.  Yum!

Sonoran Gold Seasoning is a Mexican style seasonings based on our experience in working in Sonora, Mexico. Different from our other seasonings, this includes cumin, coriander, cilantro and a mixture of 9 different crushed chile peppers for the “WOW”!  Great on carné asadas,  tostados, burritos and tacos.  Try it on eggs in the morning!

Oro Valley Gold Pork Rub was specifically created for pork roasts and chops by using shaved sea salt and adding rosemary.  When sprinkled generously, this blend of herbs and spices actually melts, coats and flavors the meat.  This is a wonderful way to present your favorite pork entree.  Mmmmm……..

Oro Valley BOLD!  This is a rich, intense and aromatically pleasing seasoning.  Hints of chili/lemon, coarse pepper, garlic bits and a host of other spices makes this seasoning our new “All Star”.  Enjoy!

You simply must try Oro Valley Gold®.

Grill Buddies not available in stores – online only

Classic Chef Series available online and locally:

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Deli & Seafood

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Tucson, AZ
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