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Customer Testimonials

September 5, 2023 – New favorite!

To quote, David, Austin, TX:  This is “The only seasoning I’ll use now!”

We call OVG Steak Seasoning our “All-Purpose Seasoning” because it is great on everything.  Thanks for agreeing!

June 26, 2023

” I think this might be the best chicken seasoning in the world.  I use it on everything!”

We agree!  We especially appreciate such kind words from a fitness specialist and a nutritionist.  Thank you for your support!


Our friend Rocsaida sent this wonderful message.  “We gave some friends the Oro Valley Gold BOLD Seasoning and they were crazy for it!  She has already ordered 3 more for other friends!  She is sure they will love it!”

Thank you for your kind words.  And, we also expect your friends will love it.  It’s addictive!

 WOW!  That steak seasoning is awesome.  I made chicken with it and I love it!  Definitely only getting spices from you from now on.  Andy K. Assistant Recreation Manager – Town of Oro Valley

Thank you, Andy!

Hi Jim, I bought 4 of your little bottles (Grill Buddies) at the main station and passed them through my cul de sac.  Everyone really loved the extra flavor they got from the BBQ.   I must say it sure makes my steaks taste mo-betta.  In the future I will not BBQ without it – in Hawaiian “No Ka Oi” (is the best).  John CVAP OVPD

We love to hear that!  Thank you for sharing!

Last night I used the OVG Steak on a bison burger. We are on a 30 day paleo type diet so organic food is a requirement. I put the burger on a bed of homemade red cabbage sauerkraut topped with a sunny side up quail egg.  While the bison was on the Weber I grilled some fresh asparagus sprinkled with OVG BOLD.  Fantastic meal thanks to OVG Seasoning.  Best Regards, Dick

Dick, you’re the best!  Thanks!

 “OVG BOLD and Steak Seasoning are AMAZING on popcorn btw…”johnnyFaber

07/02/2014  “Btw i am no chef, my wife is a great chef and does all the cooking in our family. She recently     started working and has an evening shift. I have been forced to cook for our two little girls. I made pan seared     chicken, and some halibut for the past couple nights and used OVG Steak Seasoning for both. The kids   LOVED it. I would like to think it was my cooking skills but it was just the seasoning. Thanks!!!”   Johnny Faber and The Road Kings – a Tucson favorite rockin’ blues band!  Thank you, Johnny!  Get well soon!

Father's Day 2011“I am finishing the best pork tenderloin filet that i have ever cooked! Thank you OVG PORK!”  Thank you for sharing!  Always appreciate compliments to Oro Valley Gold Seasonings!

Mary Lou, Forest Grove, Oregon…“You need to put a WARNING label on your seasonings regarding the “addictive” nature of your marvelous mixes!”  Thank you, Mary Lou!  Consider yourselves WARNED!

“Thank you Oro Valley Gold for improving my birthday dinner. We decided on surf & turf. Regina had lobster and I had a porterhouse steak. The OVG Steak Seasoning really enhances a nice cut of beef. The sides included baked beans and corn on the cob.  Desserts were specialty cupcakes from Sugardarlings in Palm harbor FL.  A special Beta Cruise Malbec by O’Fournier in Mendoza Argentina we imported ourselves rounded out the meal.”  Contributing chef, Dick Palke  Thank you, Dick,  for your continuing support!

 “I marinated shrimp in a combination of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and your Bold seasoning.  Roger grilled it.  Absolutely delicious. Thank you for making it so easy to make ordinary food so much better!”  Tina & Roger – Oro Valley  (Enjoy life, fine wine and good beer)
“This local Arizona company makes the best selected spice combinations EVER!  Mike loves the Chicken Seasoning…”  Robin from Catalina

Stephanie of Oro Valley:  “OVG BOLD is AWESOME on Sweet Potato Fries!!”

Jay Ingram:  “The seasonings are top drawer no matter the season.  From Maine to Oregon, Lobster to Steelheads.  Let it be known!”

Sharon Edmonds:  “I’ll attest to that!!!”

Tom from Santa Monica, Ca:   “Oro Valley Sonoran Gold is great for us vegetarians also.  Best on pasta and soups.  Has a bit of a bite!  Great!”  Go Arizona Cardinals!!

“Jim, I not only like “Oro Valley Gold Seasonings” and use a variety of them frequently but have also recommended them to my friends and relatives.”  Glenn Wilson

OVG makes fantastic gifts.” D. Palke

“This morning’s veggie omelet with Sonora Gold…GREAT!”  Doug S.  Missoula, MT

Dick from Florida:   “So what do you have for your 65th birthday dinner? A big porterhouse steak marinated in balsamic vinegar and OVG Steak seasoning, of course. Regina thought it was the best steak she has had because of the OVG seasoning.  Take care.  All the best.”

M. Drabousky, Tucson, Arizona  “BTW, cooked up a couple of steaks with some Sonoran Gold seasoning on Friday night. Ummmmm Ummmmmmm.  Tasty stuff my friend!!”

 Brent Kelly, San Diego, CA:  I ordered both steak and chicken varieties.  I’m not sure how I ever lived without this stuff!  By the way, that picture of the chicken on here shur is perty! Thanks for brewing up this concoction of taste bud wonderment!”

 Jimmy Goudy, St. John, Washington:  “We like the seasoning a lot, and my wife likes the containers they come in too.  Pretty classy!!”

Sophea and Luke  Sophea K., Rose Elementary, WA “I really like Oro Valley Gold Seasoning on my chicken!”  I got     Outstanding Student of the Year Award!”

  Lukey W., Boone Preschool, WA “I got the Certificate of Excellence from my preschool and I love Oro Valley Gold on my broccoli and rice!”

Randy Linder, Washington State Randy Linder, Washington State Top Rock ‘n’ roller comments: “We had our first Oro Valley Gold experience yesterday evening and it was great!”


Richard Miller, Roseville, CA “I have found that the steak seasoning works well on almost everything I salt and, accordingly, have simply replaced the salt shaker on our table with your decorative bottle!!”

Brach N. from Conrad Montana

Brach N. Conrad, Montana “I’m really pleased with Oro Valley Gold Steak seasoning and use it on beef Kabobs everytime I BBQ”


Sharon, Great Falls Montana “I now trust your taste buds!, All 10,000 of them!”

Keenan, Ohio “I love Oro Valley Gold Steak Seasoning on hamburgers too!!”Doug Lambert, Ohio “If you have a grill, get your order in. Kari just brought some back from AZ and I am grilling steaks tonight!”Kari, Ohio “We had steaks with Oro Valley Gold on them! DELICIOUS!!!”

Jean, Spokane, Washington  “Chicken Seasoning was great. I’m having a Turkey sub from Subway and sprinkled Oro Valley Gold on it.  Tastes good!”

Tammy P., from North Carolina says: “I used the chicken seasoning tonight,….very good. Can’t wait to try the steak seasoning. Thanks for the great product!”